About the Author

Captain Don Monson, ISN (Ret) is a native of Downers Grove, Il. He graduated Downers Grove High School in 1938 and later attended the George Washington University. He entered the Navy in 1942 as an aviation cadet and won his navy wings of gold in July of 1943. Following his commission he was ordered to naval air station Miami for operational training. This was followed by carrier qualification landings aboard the USS Sable on Lake Michigan. He was then assigned to Dive Bombing Squadron 80 aboard a newly launched aircraft carrier, the USS Ticonderoga.

During 1944 and 1945, Captain Monson saw extensive combat duty in the Pacific Theater, participating in air strikes against the Japanewse forces in Manila, Formosa, Saigon, Hainan China, Iwo Jima and Tokyo. His awards include the distiguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and Purple Heart.

Captain Monson retired from active service in 1974. He and his wife Etta live in Palm Desert, California.